Who doesn't want to pamper and take care of themselves, especially their skin? I, for one, know how important it is to have skin that is not just glowy, but also feels super smooth, silky soft and exudes a dreamy fragrance.

Keeping that in mind, I tried something new that made me fall in love with my skin even more. Plus, there is a hint of inspiration in this new soap series. As part of Pampered Sisters brand, we present the Cowgirl Christmas Soap Series. The first soap is a tribute to Carlotta J. Thompkins, aka "Lottie" Deno. Lottie soap checks all the boxes off when it comes to skincare and a delicate scent.

Lottie Deno was a famous gambler in the US state of Texas during the nineteenth century. The soap's fragrance matches the courage and boldness that Lottie possessed. Her travel adventures are reminiscence of exotic notes, which are reflected in the soap with a pleasant fusion of notes including sweet fruit, berries, pine, with an undertone of aromatic balsam and patchouli.

The soap's design portrays Lottie's vibrant personality, which is why there is a combination of silver and a light off-white swirl with iridescent glitter and topped with wisdom white.

Make no excuses to pamper your skin.. Feel, look and smell gorgeous...Go Bold with Pampered Sisters' Lottie soap because you deserve it. Check out the making of Lottie on Pampered Sisters YouTube channel. Cowgirl Christmas Soap Series will be available to purchase on November 1, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Pampered Sisters' regular inventory is online and ready for you to purchase at www.pamperedsisters.com.

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