Miss Willie

Miss Willie

Do you ever get tired and all you want is to enjoy a peaceful evening? While our routines keep us on our toes, investing time on skin-routines might not seem feasible to most of us. Even though for some, healthy skin is what keeps them at peace and aspiring to retain sheen, it once might had not always seem possible.

Imagine you come home, drained from work, and all you see is your dead skin? For me, at least, it wouldn't be a sight worth viewing. Miss Willie's soap makes sure it boosts your confidence in a few uses. Each bar is handcrafted with Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and a few other rich, luxury oils. One would notice the natural glow. It starts from uplifting your confidence and slowly taps into your overall personality as the soap rejuvenates the health of your skin.

Cathay Williams is the inspiration behind this soap - the first African American woman to enlist in the United States Army under the pseudonym, William Cathay. Posing as a male, makes the experience of using Miss Willie's soap even better. The shades of navy blue and gold swirls are pleasant on the eyes and gives you a peaceful sight. All in all, if you happen to be a fan of fragranced soaps, Miss Willie exudes mulled citrus wine with a hint of cranberries - making the experience of using it long lasting.

Following your passion like Cathay - no matter the cost. Stand for something with Pampered Sisters Miss Willie's soap. Pamper yourself because you deserve it. Check out the making of Miss Willie at Pampered Sisters YouTube Channel. Cowgirl Christmas Soap Series will be available to purchase on November 1st at 6:00 p.m. Pampered Sisters' regular inventory is online and ready for purchase at www.pamperedsisters.com

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