Do you have a knack for the scents of citrus? Does the fragrance of lemon excite you? If so, the Peacemaker soap caters to you. In case you didn't already know, Vitamin C keeps our skin glowy and fresh. This fragrance offers a musky floral that opens with citrus highlights of fresh lemons and sweet oranges. There are green herbaceous tones mingled with fresh floral. Chances are your skin will exude vibrance everywhere you go - saying it from experience! Softening and moisturizing your skin, you'll have the most amazing experience using the Peacemaker soap.

The soap is a tribute to Sacagawea and the Shoshone Tribe. She is known for her travels with the Lewis and Clark Expedition through thousands of miles from North Dakaota to the Pacific Ocean. She played a major role in establishing cultural alliances between Native Americans and this Country. Though the inspiration might sound odd to you, when you delve deeper; you'll understand all the thoughts that has gone into making the soap.

The design of the soap is unique and has all the right elements that define the creativity the soap mirrors in the character of Sacagawea. From the base layer to the middle layer, the colors chosen are turquoise - exhibiting peace in entirety, and the other layers represent the woman and her baby. All in all, use Peacemaker and enjoy the beauty radiating off your skin.

Be a light to your community while caring for your family like Sacagawea, the Peacemaker. Pamper yourself because you deserve it. Cowgirl Christmas Soap Series will be available to purchase on November 1st @ 6:00 p.m. Pampered Sisters' regular inventory is online and ready for purchase at

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