Fiery Nites

Fiery Nites

Who doesn't like skincare products that exude vibrancy and helps your skin feel fresh after a tiring day from wearing a mask? Let's face it; most of our days are filled with tasks that keep us on our toes, and going for a skin care regimen that doesn't fit our daily routines - and to be precise, at least not mine! In my defense, I am always on the look out for a soap that would not only keep my skin-routine sorted but also keep it radiant and glowy. During my search, I stumbled on a delectable fragrance for our Fiery Nites Soap.

Inspired by Estelle Amanda Nite Burks, the soap is a tribute to the accidental fire she caused over 50 miles of prairie land and is associated with flames in the night. As per several historical references, her services to the cattlemen are plenty. With her soft and gentle aura, she went against the odds to speak against ignorance of women on the trail. Amanda was one of the first women on the Chisholm Trail. The Chisholm Trail was used in the post-Civil War era to drive the cattle overland from Texas Ranches to the railheads in Kansas. Amanda soon earned the nickname, Cattle Queen of Cotulla.

The soap takes inspiration from Amanda Nites. The flames in the night represent the glow that radiates on the skin after adding it to your skincare regimen. All in all, the soap gives you a sweet alluring embrace of weathered leather, frosted pine top notes, crow-black wood and cedar wood smoke, emanating the most exotic fragrance you may ever come across.

Be a trailblazer like Amanda..Be present and in the moment with Pampered Sisters' Fiery Nite Soap...Pamper yourself because you deserve it. Check out the making of Fiery Nites on Pampered Sisters YouTube Channel. Cowgirl Christmas Soap Series will be available to purchase November 1st at 6:00 p.m.. Pampered Sisters regular inventory is online and ready for any purchases at

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