Me Time

Me Time

I love a good commercial.  Back in the day, I use to watch the spa bath commercial, Calgon.  Some of you can identify with the woman who works a hard 9 to 5 job and at the end of the day, she would scream "Calgon Take Me Away!"  The next scene was her relaxing in a steamy hot bubble bath. 

My mother believes her bathroom is her sanctuary from the outside world and "us (her kids)."  Today, more than ever women need a space to take them away.  We need "Me Time!" more than ever.   Unfortunately the Pandemic, self quarratine, working from home and virtual meetings, seem to have swallowed up any hopes of a "Me Time" experience.  

Scheduling a spa day can be a challenge within itself.  I would like to invite you to create your own "Me Time & Space"  Start by scheduling a morning or afternoon that works for you.  Plan out your time by gathering a few essentials for this appointment.  The most awesome thing about this spa date is that you can choose anything from candles, soaps, salts, towels, relaxing music, and more.  

Remember to have on hand moisturizing products such as Cool Calm Body Butter containing Shea Butter (www.pamperedsisters/product/8-oz-body-butter). Once you have relaxed and recharge, enjoy a nice salad or chocolate candy.  The choice is yours. Enjoy the moment because you deserve to pamper yourself!!!

Don't forget Pampered Sisters has all the essential moisturizing body loving products you need for your special time.  Feel free to stop by when making your plans.

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