Creole Goddess

Creole Goddess

When we think about giving our skin the moisture and smoothness it needs, we experience emotions like pureness and wholeness.

Why, though?

Probably because the scent reminds us of a time when we felt those exact feelings.

In the world of self-care and hygiene, we are constantly inspired by the aromas that surround us. Whether it's a morning cup of coffee or a long walk through the woods, our senses are constantly being stimulated by the scents in our environment.

Our Creole Goddess scent is no different. Made from scratch, Creole Goddess has a special blend of all natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and castor oil.

It is designed to be an intimate, passionate, and romantic blend of vanilla, milk, and soft floral fresh-cut roses. The combination of these three ingredients creates a creamy fragrance that makes you feel indulged. Whether you're taking a relaxing bubble bath or enjoying some quiet time with your partner before bedtime. Inspired by icon Josephine Baker, Creole Goddess has a scent that takes you back to her journey.

But who was she?

Josephine Baker was an incredible woman who rose from humble beginnings to become an internationally renowned performer and civil rights activist.

Born in 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, Baker’s mother was a laundress and her father worked odd jobs. She had a difficult childhood, and by the age of 15, she was working as a waitress in a nightclub. It was during this time that Baker discovered her love of dance, and she soon began performing in clubs around St. Louis.

Eventually, she was invited to perform in New York City, which launched her career as a dancer. Baker’s career skyrocketed when she moved to Paris in 1925. She quickly became a sensation, appearing in many different shows and movies. She was even the recipient of the prestigious Croix de Guerre for her work entertaining French troops during World War II.

Despite her success, Baker remained committed to civil rights and equality. She was a fierce advocate for the rights of black people around the world, speaking out against racism and oppression. She was also a passionate anti-fascist, devoting much of her time and energy to fighting against fascism and intolerance during the 1930s and 1940s. Baker's Elaborate stage performances, which often featured her wearing little more than a feather boa, made her an international icon. Her commitment to civil rights and her fearlessness in standing up for what she believed in making her a huge inspiration for many of the most influential black artists and activists of the era.

Josephine Baker's journey is much comparable to the scent of a Creole Goddess. It’s strong, warm, but sweet. Trailblazing but calm.

See, despite the darkness and uncertainty of her life, she never gave up and remained committed to fighting for justice and equality.

Her legacy continues to inspire and encourage people to this day. Today, we celebrate Baker in more ways than one. Some of our most influential pop stars are inspired by the success of the notable Josephine Baker. Artists such as Beyoncé and Whitney Houston found great success due to the paving of the way Baker.

Though she was a true goddess during her reign, she inspired more than just dancers and performers. She inspired women all around the world to be fierce and take a chance.

Our newest scent Creole Goddess is just that. Inspired by the remarkable journey of an African American Legend, the scent is a combination of sweet and strong; leaving the skin feeling and looking smooth. With the scent that lasts on the skin all day, you’ll be motivated more than ever to take strides such as Baker and make powerful impacts on your everyday life.

The inspiration behind this process is simple. We carefully combine fragrances that best reflect the femininity of Baker. See, every move you make throughout your day is sourced from the start of the morning. Implementing soft and warm scents in your routine will allow for an open and positive mindset that’ll boost your ability to perform in your most natural feminine way.

Your hygiene routine plays a vital role in your femininity as it is the driving force in a woman’s confidence and ability to perform well both in life and at work.

That is how Creole Goddess came about. A scent that not only lasts and stays on your skin, but makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. The confidence that you’ve been seeking in womanhood is tied directly to this fragrance.

You’ll never view a warm rose in the same light as you have in the past, as it is guaranteed to bring out the Josephine in you. Similarly, to her will and passion to fight for what she knew was right, you too will feel that same flame in your heart because that’s just the effect that fresh-cut rose scent has on your skin.

A sense of fulfillment is what you should seek during womanhood and oftentimes, it’s right in front of our eyes. The most mundane activities bring out our strongest emotions but sometimes we are just too busy and overwhelmed to stop and smell the roses.

With Creole Goddess, you don’t have to worry about that. The scent quickly overpowers your negative thoughts and emotions throughout your day and reminds you to continue to be steadfast and resilient through what seems to be the toughest times.

Most of us have the characteristics of Josephine Baker. Thus, we are Creole Goddesses.

So what do you think about this? Whether you agree or not, everyone has their personal traits that help define them and make them unique. Everyone has their good and bad keys as well. It's up to each person to figure out how they want to express themselves based on who they are and how they want to present themselves. At the end of the day it is important to remember how far we have come and how much further we still need to go as a society, in order for all Creole Goddesses, past and present, to be respected and celebrated!

What will it take for you to awaken your inner Creole Goddess? Get your Creole Goddess Collection today!



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