"EJ" Eunice Johnson

"EJ" Eunice Johnson

Can you recall that time in your life when you thought that you couldn’t but actually could? 

Or when you thought something was too big of a problem but somehow you were the best person for the solution? 

Oftentimes, we have to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of achieving. We do this through many ways such as having a role model, a creative outlet and forms of self-care.

 Today, we’re focusing on self-care and the quality of your life you experience when you begin to cater to yourself.

Eunice W. Johnson in 1991 at an Ebony Fashion Fair, largely by and for African-Americans.

Eunice Johnson (EJ) once said, “I want to present a quality – a quality of strength and beauty in all that I do." Johnson was a remarkable woman who understood the significance of practicing self-care to enhance her quality of life.

 She was the first African American woman to be a major executive in a business and own a business. She was an incredibly successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civil rights leader who made a lasting impact on the world.

 Much like Johnson, “EJ” was crafted to bring quality to the world of self-care and beauty through floral aromas.

 Just like Johnson, the fragrance blends the sweet and bold notes together to create something truly unique and eventually life changing. Top notes such as succulent apricots symbolize her determination to succeed, while the bashful roses symbolize her humility and her willingness to take risks. The notes of this fragrance represent her strength and resilience, despite the failures she faced in her life.

 Johnson started her own business, Johnson Publications, which became one of the most successful African American publishing companies in the United States.

 Johnson Publications was a major success and it helped to promote African American culture and provide an outlet for the African American voice. The company was responsible for publishing Ebony and Jet magazines, both of which featured news and stories from the African American community.

Eunice Johnson was passionate about beauty and self-care in many ways. She believed that everyone should be able to enjoy fashion and feel beautiful in their own skin. To accomplish this, she created the Ebony Fashion Fair, which showcased American and European fashion designers and highlighted models of color. Eunice Johnson's enduring impact on the fashion world was Ebony Fashion Fair. Through these annual events, which featured American and European fashion designers and highlighted models of color. Additionally, she utilized the fashion show as a fundraiser to provide funds for a hospital for African Americans.

 Eunice Johnson created the Fashion Fair cosmetics line to empower individuals to love the skin they are in. It is also worth noting that Johnson developed the fashion show as a fundraiser to provide funds for a hospital for African Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The cosmetic line was specifically designed for people of color to celebrate the beauty of their skin tones. Her legacy is a testament to her passion for beauty and selfcare, as she worked to make fashion more accessible and empowering for all.

Eunice Johnson's artistic abilities were evident in her work creating the Ebony Fashion Fair and the Fashion Fair cosmetics line. Through her fashion show, Johnson sought to promote inclusivity in the fashion industry and showcase the beauty of all body types and skin tones. Her cosmetics line was designed to empower individuals to love their skin and celebrate their femininity without conforming to societal standards. Her artistic skills were also used to create an environment for others to self-care and find joy in their own beauty. She used art to make beauty accessible to everyone, and her legacy continues to promote self-care and celebrate femininity.

Eunice Johnson’s story is one of inspiration and courage. It’s a reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, we can overcome them and find success. Just like the fragrance, she is a reminder that we are capable of great success and that our failures do not define us. We can all strive to be like Eunice Johnson and use our success and failures to create something great. 

Just like the colors of pink rose with yellow sun and deep orange swirl, Johnson was a combination of bright and soft. The pink rose represents her passion and drive to succeed, while the yellow sun symbolizes her optimism and her bright outlook on life. The deep orange swirl stands for her resilience and determination in the face of failure. The gold mica also speaks to her success; she was the first African American woman to sit on a major corporate board and the first African American to own a business.

 Eunice Johnson was a pioneer and a role model who showed us that success is possible, even in the face of failure. Her story is one of courage and strength and her inspirational legacy still lives on today. Just like the pink rose with yellow sun and deep orange swirl, she reminds us that our failures do not define us. We can all strive to be like Eunice Johnson and use our successes and failures to create something great.

 She was an inspiration to many, and she paved the way for African Americans to succeed in business and in life. She will always be remembered as a leader and an innovator who changed the fashion industry. Her fashion shows paved the way for super models of color. Her cosmetics promoted beauty in all skin tones. 

 Are you ready to awaken your Inner “EJ”?



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