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This month, we pay homage to the incredible female icons who graced the stage at the historic Harlem Cultural Festival. Immerse yourself in the spirit of these trailblazing women as you indulge in the handcrafted soaps and other bath products that celebrate their talent, resilience, and contribution to the cultural landscape.

  1. Soulful Serenity Soak: Immerse yourself in the soulful vibes of the Harlem Cultural Festival with our Serenity Soak. This immersive experience combines the harmonies of calming scents and the richness of natural ingredients to transport you back to the era of iconic performances. Let the music and memories wash over you as you luxuriate in this nostalgic bath.
  2. Rhythm Body Scrub: Channel the rhythm and energy of the Harlem Cultural Festival with our revitalizing Rhythm Body Scrub. Infused with energizing ingredients and gentle exfoliants, this scrub reveals your skin’s natural radiance, while paying homage to the vibrant beats that echoed through the festival grounds. Let the rhythmic motion invigorate your body and soul.
  3. Melody Body Butter: Wrap yourself in the captivating melodies of the Harlem Cultural Festival with our Melody Body Butter. Enriched with nourishing extracts and hydrating oils, this luxurious lotion deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and infused with the spirit of the legendary female performers who graced the stage. Let their melodic influence resonate within you.
  4. Euphoric Natural Candles: Each natural blend candle resonate in your soul as it permeates throughout the room.


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This bar of soap is heaven! Smells wonderful! I definitely felt pampered. Left my skin soft and clean. It has a nice lather but not drying. I’m really impressed by the quality and quantity. I’ll never go back to big name soap! Thanks Pampered Sisters you’ve gained a fan!!

Gabrielle Ayers Hynds

I love how the body butter leaves my skin moisturized but not oily. I will definitely purchase from this business again.
Brooke Boatwright

Chis’ soaps are beautiful and so many to choose from. All hand made, no two are alike. And her soy candles are the best! She will even private label them for you. She is also very easy to work with. Great customer service!

Lisa McKelvey

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