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A nice hot bubble bath is a luxurious and relaxing experience that can help melt away stress and tension. As you enter the bathroom, the air is warm and steamy, and the scent of calming fragrance fills the air.

You turn on the faucet, and the water flows smoothly, filling up the bathtub with hot, steamy water. You add a generous amount of bubble bath, and watch as the bubbles start to form and rise, creating a fluffy layer on the surface of the water.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath, feeling the tension in your muscles start to melt away. The warm water and gentle bubbles work together to soothe your body and calm your mind. You let yourself drift, forgetting about the outside world and focusing only on the sensation of the water and bubbles around you.

 The warmth of the water seeps into your bones, and the scent of the bubble bath fills your senses. You take another deep breath and let out a contented sigh, feeling grateful for this moment of peace and tranquility.




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What People Are Saying..

This bar of soap is heaven! Smells wonderful! I definitely felt pampered. Left my skin soft and clean. It has a nice lather but not drying. I’m really impressed by the quality and quantity. I’ll never go back to big name soap! Thanks Pampered Sisters you’ve gained a fan!!

Gabrielle Ayers Hynds

I love how the body butter leaves my skin moisturized but not oily. I will definitely purchase from this business again.
Brooke Boatwright

Chis’ soaps are beautiful and so many to choose from. All hand made, no two are alike. And her soy candles are the best! She will even private label them for you. She is also very easy to work with. Great customer service!

Lisa McKelvey

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Do you have a knack for the scents of citrus? Does the fragrance of lemon excite you? If so, the Peacemaker soap caters to you. In case you didn't already know, Vitamin C keeps our skin glowy and fresh. This fragrance offers a musky floral that opens with citrus...

Bride on the Trail

Bride on the Trail

Do the scents of ripened fruits rejunvenate your soul? A Bride on the Trail is a soap that takes its inpsiration from Mary O. Taylor Bunton - the one of a kind woman, who, despite all her odds, settled in the winds as per her desires. The inspiration makes the soap...

Faithful Ruth

Faithful Ruth

When burning the candle from both ends throughout your day, what do you do to relieve stress? Taking a hot bath sounds priceless. Well, I am guilty! Because there is absolutely nothing that makes my drained body and soul feel more refreshed than a hot bath. Coming out...

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