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Patchouli Blend Collection - The High Priestess of Soul - Nina Simone

Patchouli Blend Collection - The High Priestess of Soul - Nina Simone

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The fusion of Raspberry and Patchouli pairs well with the life and legacy of Nina Simone. The deep musky resins of exotic Asian Indian Patchouli blended with sweet raspberries sets the stage for the earthy concoction softened with notes of strawberry, plum, bergamot, and vanilla. An intoxication that takes you to a place to mellow out as you hear the whispers of the ivory keys that Simone played a relaxing jazz ensemble. This fragrance wraps around luxury bath soaps like a glove.

Each and every batch of soap is handmade using the cold process method. It is then handcrafted, cut, and packaged. Each bar offers a natural glycerin produced during the saponification process.

Each batch is made from high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm, and Cocoa Butter better known for nourishing and moisturizing skin, combined with a careful blend of coconut oil, heaving whipping cream, raw oats, and castor oil for a nice hard soap bar loaded with bubbles and creamy lather.

Bar size may vary due to hand cutting
8.25 oz Bar Size

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm, Kaolin Clay, Collodial Oatmeal, Sodium Hydroxide, other rich oils, and fragrance.
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